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The Perfect Number of Products on an eCommerce Website Page

The optimisation of your eCommerce website can seem like a jigsaw puzzle, with numerous pieces requiring meticulous arrangement for the perfect picture. One of these essential pieces is the number of products to display on a single page. Striking a balance between user experience, load speed, and SEO implications is crucial to the success of your online store.

Google's Upcoming Policy: Clearing Inactive Accounts

In an unprecedented move, Google has announced that it is set to implement a new policy, directed towards inactive accounts. This signifies a paradigm shift that aims to streamline user data management, maximising security and efficiency.

Your Guide to Analysing Traffic Drops Using Google Search Console

As an expert in SEO and high-end copywriting, Ripple Effect Digital Marketing Tauranga has crafted a comprehensive guide for analysing traffic drops using Google Search Console. This article is specifically tailored to provide you with valuable insights into identifying and addressing website traffic issues, ensuring your content ranks highly on search engine result pages.

Using Google Shopping and Paid Search for Your Online Business: A Guide by Ripple Effect

This article by Ripple Effect explores the benefits of using Google Shopping and paid search for your online business. It provides tips for optimizing your campaigns, including using high-quality images, targeted keywords, and regular monitoring and testing.

Importance of Having Dominant Online Visibility Post-Lockdown

Feeling the sting of lockdown? You’re not alone. New Zealand has endured a challenging five-week period – but we did it! Now, as we move into a less restrictive level three, it’s time to re-launch your business and adapt to a post-lockdown world.

Are NZ Google Ads Agencies Clipping the Ticket?

We've all heard of it and many of us have tried it - Google Ads! New Zealand is literally swarming with new and developed digital marketing companies, many of whom offer Google Ads services. This typically involves the set up and management of Google AdWords (also known as CPC or PPC marketing) campaigns.

Importance of Site Architecture for SEO

Just like building a house, the design of a website plays an invaluable role in the end product. A well-designed site encourages good SEO, while a poorly designed site can fall flat. Here are three major and three minor elements to consider when it comes to website architecture

Topics v Keywords in Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, or search engine optimisation, has become something of an art form over the last several years. In the past, keywords reigned supreme, with SEO copywriters creating a separate page or blog for each and every relevant keyword or key phrase that they wanted to maximise.