Have an E-Commerce Website? If so, you'll need Google Shopping!

Google Shopping is the channel of choice for e-commerce businesses that want to display their products on the Google SERPs to attract audiences that are ready to buy.
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Ripple Effect is a Google Certified Partner

What Makes Google Shopping Right for My Business?

Google Shopping is part of the Google Ads myriad of marketing campaign options available to businesses. Much like Google Ads search network campaigns, the Ads appear on SERP's, however the difference is, your Google Shopping Ads feature an image of your product as well as a price, headline and description. If someone clicks on your Google Shopping Ads, they are naturally more informed and further down the conversion funnel, which helps ensure a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate.

As a Tauranga based Google Shopping specialist, we take a scientific approach to Google Shopping campaign set up and management, applying budget and bids intelligently to best reflect your profit margins and stock levels.

Even if you’ve never heard of Google Shopping before – you’ve almost certainly seen it in action! Just try searching Google for specific products or brand names and an array of pictures, prices and merchants will appear – right at the top of the search results.

Why use Ripple Effect Digital Marketing?

100% Transparency

Our transparency which includes providing clients with detailed information relating to all proposed work and work carried out, is just part of what sets us apart from other SEO and Google Ads management agencies in Tauranga and New Zealand.

No Signed Contracts

We are so confident in our ability to achieve results for our clients that we don't lock clients into contracts. Instead, we allow clients to make a results-informed decision about using our SEO services and Google Ads management services from month to month.


When it comes to our SEO and Google Ads management services, we like to provide our clients with documentation that measures the performance of all work carried out. What we do has a 'Ripple Effect', from visibility to traffic to revenue.

Product Feed

We'll firstly set up a data feed and then add products using a spreadsheet provided by Google. Without a data feed, your products can't be uploaded to your AdWords account and appear in the Google search results.

Google Merchant Centre

We will create a Google Merchant Centre account for you and apply relevant settings (eg. country audience, upload schedule). This is also where we'll upload the created data feed and modify it to include your specific products.

Google Shopping Campaign Setup

Within the Google AdWords account a Google Shopping campaign will be created. By this stage your Merchant account will be linked to your AdWords and your product feed will be imported to your Google Shopping campaign.

Campaign Management

Much like Remarketing or any other AdWords campaign, we'll need to manage your Google Shopping campaign. This will involve checking the product feed, stock levels and more.

30 Day Reporting

Ripple Effect will provide all clients with detailed reports, including a bullet pointed performance overview as part of the email body every 30 days.

User Friendly

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