Struggling with Facebook? Don't Have the Time or Expertise?

Our Tauranga Facebook advertising agency can help you find new customers, retain your existing ones and build a pipeline of leads. We offer packages for all budgets.
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Ripple Effect is a Google Certified Partner

Through Facebook advertising, we target audiences based on interests, demographics, location and behaviour that are most likely to convert into paying customers.

Ripple Effect Digital Marketing helps ambitious New Zealand businesses get their product or services in front of the right people. We are committed to understanding our clients' business models and marketing ojectives and devising and implementing tailored Facebook advertising strategies that reap rewards.

Facebook Management

Posting on Facebook can be hard to get right. It’s important to post and manage engagement in the right way. We create consistently good content and manage all Facebook conversations and interactions, helping to drive customer engagement and the desired outcome.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads offer the ability to target customers in a way like never before. Not only is it the perfect platform to reach your targeted audiences – all returns on investment can be tracked. We execute Facebook campaigns end-to-end, from planning to design and implementation.

Specific Targeting

Let us find your customers, we know where they are and how to target them. Once we’ve found them we’ll keep them engaged and inspire them to take action. We are able to get you in front of any demographics or interests and place highly targeted ads in front of highly targeted people who we think may be your next customer. We can target gender, age, marital status, area, location, occupation, interests and more.

Database Targeting

We can use your database to target those who have engaged with you in the past but have not converted yet, offering a second chance at conversion.


This allows us to show ads to customers who have recently visited your website. We target those already interested in your product or service, meaning they are more likely to convert..

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Ad campaign Set-Up
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Look-a-like audience building
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