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Ripple Effect is Tauranga's longest established SEO copywriter. We can bring new life to your existing copy and write new copy for all pages on your website.

Ripple Effect is a Google Certified Partner

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Ripple Effect was formely known as Write Ahead, a name derived from the company's wealth of experience in website copywriting and SEO.

Our Tauranga based SEO copywriting agency consists of a qualified Journalist and an experienced blog writer. We produce new content and re-write existing content for clients that is aimed towards both the search engines and helping to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Whilst images, videos and graphics provide the wow factor on websites, content (also known as copy) is the single most important aspect of SEO and your ability to generate maximum online visibility. Engaging, informative and persuasive copy that is also well-constructed can also convert website visitors into paying customers.

Why use Ripple Effect Digital Marketing?

100% Transparency

Our transparency which includes providing clients with detailed information relating to all proposed work and work carried out, is just part of what sets us apart from other SEO and Google Ads management agencies in Tauranga and New Zealand.

No Signed Contracts

We are so confident in our ability to achieve results for our clients that we don't lock clients into contracts. Instead, we allow clients to make a results-informed decision about using our SEO services and Google Ads management services from month to month.


When it comes to our SEO and Google Ads management services, we like to provide our clients with documentation that measures the performance of all work carried out. What we do has a 'Ripple Effect', from visibility to traffic to revenue.


Dave Manville

Dave graduated as a Journalist in Wellington in 1995. Since then he has worked or contributed to several newspapers including the Evening Post, Hutt News, BOP Times, Manukau & Papakura Couriers, Hauraki Herald, Thames Star, Paeroa Gazette and Waihi Gazette.

Dave became a freelance Journalist in 1999. He started writing for the online space in 2003 and hasn't looked back. Having read books like 'Web Copy That Sells' and other inspirational pieces, Dave has quickly established himself as one of New Zealand's top website copywriters.

Dave produces a nice flowing writing style that engages, informs and convinces and his strong knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) ensures that all of the content he writes is quickly picked up by Google and pushed towards the top of the rankings.


Rachel Hart

Rachel is a copywriter who fell in love with writing at an early age. At eight years old, she wrote her first ‘novel’: it was a 54-page faux murder mystery about who shot her teacher (spoiler alert: it was with a water gun!) She studied English in university, before her desire to write was put on the back burner while she pursued a career as a chef. Fast forward several years and Rachel’s urge to write caught back up with her.

Rachel loves telling people’s stories and, having owned a small business herself, enjoys helping local businesses effectively communicate with their audience. She creates captivating content, naturally incorporating key words to help our clients get their messages out to the increasingly online world.

Understanding the Importance of Website Copywriting

Our point of difference is that our small team consists of a qualified Journalist and experienced blog writer who also understand SEO. This combination is hugely powerful. In fact, it’s this combination of complementary skills that formed the original business name WRITE AHEAD.

There are just two things that matter with a website – getting people to it and convincing them that what you have is right for them. Both of these things are ultimately achieved off the back of quality SEO copywriting.

Having the right keyword-focused copy and the right amount of it on your website helps improve your website’s topic authoritativeness in the eyes of Google, consequently improving your Google organic search rankings for keywords relative to your business.

Our Approach

We will first discuss your business philosophy and market objectives to establish an appropriate SEO copywriting solution. We’ll cast our trained eyes over your site’s existing copy and absorb useful aspects of this to craft new, fresh SEO content for your site.

Keyword Research

Before writing the content for your website, we will first identify all of the most important target keywords (search queries) that relate to each page on your website. This will help ensure that your copy is strategically structured around these keywords. It will give each page the best chance at ranking top on Google organic search for these keywords.