Re-engage with Previous Visitors to Your Website That Didn't Convert with Google Remarketing

Unleash the power of Google Remarketing by displaying powerful banner Ads to previous visitors to your website as they browse on other Google Partner websites.
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Ripple Effect is a Google Certified Partner

Remarketing Increases Conversions and Brand Awareness

Display Remarketing offers the ideal means to re-engaging with those users who visited your site, but didn’t quite convert. It’s very likely that you’ve seen Google Remarketing in action before when visiting an online store and then subsequently seeing ads for the specific products you were looking at, on other websites.

Ripple Effect design, set-up and manage Google Remarketing campaigns for NZ businesses, promoting everything from tourist activities to property management services. Typically a re-targeting display advertising campaign has a high level of conversion due to the level of accuracy that can be achieved.


Google Remarketing allows visitors to your website to be ‘tagged’ in various ways using cookies. For instance when adding a product to your shopping cart on an ecommerce site, we may decide to tag you with a cookie which details the product you have added to your cart. If you then abandon the cart process we can then intelligently display ads to you on various Google partner sites, encouraging you to return to complete the purchase of that item.

Alternatively, we may choose a simpler level of tagging, based purely on visits to your website. For instance if a visitor views 3 or more pages of your website and then leaves, we can display Ads to them profiling your website and encouraging them to return.

The possibilities and the complex levels of Google Remarketing tagging are vast. Our Remarketing specialists are here to plan, design, build, launch and manage your Google remarketing campaigns.


Google Analytics remarketing works in a similar fashion to regular Google remarketing with one key difference - this method uses data from Google Analytics which presents an entirely new range of options beyond the page on which the user landed/left your website.

Analytics remarketing allows us to target segments such as those who spent a certain amount of time on the site, by bounce rate, or the number of pages per Visit allowing us to only remarket to those who have shown a genuine interest rather than those who have simply visited a particular page.

Why use Ripple Effect Digital Marketing?

100% Transparency

Our transparency which includes providing clients with detailed information relating to all proposed work and work carried out, is just part of what sets us apart from other SEO and Google Ads management agencies in Tauranga and New Zealand.

No Signed Contracts

We are so confident in our ability to achieve results for our clients that we don't lock clients into contracts. Instead, we allow clients to make a results-informed decision about using our SEO services and Google Ads management services from month to month.


When it comes to our SEO and Google Ads management services, we like to provide our clients with documentation that measures the performance of all work carried out. What we do has a 'Ripple Effect', from visibility to traffic to revenue.

Target Audience

Prior to setting up a Google Remarketing campaign on the AdWords platform, we must establish who you want to remarket to. You may wish to target only those who didn't convert or all visitors to your website.

Remarketing List

Once a specific audience is identified, we then go into Google Analytics and create an audience that is custom to your exact requirements. We then select this audience during the actual campaign setup process.

Ad Creative

Ripple Effect can create all of the necessary banner Ads in various dimensions required for your Google Remarketing campaign. We also give clients the option to design their own banner Ads or videos for us to upload.

Campaign Setup

You will need a Google AdWords account in order for us to create a Remarketing campaign. We do set up this account if required. It is during the Remarketing campaign setup that we upload banner Ads, apply budget and more.

Remarketing Tag

Google requires that you must have a minimum of 100 active visitors or users with the past 30 days for your Remarketing Ads to start showing on the Google Display Network. We will keep an eye on this.

Management & Reporting

Your Remarketing campaign is like any other AdWords campaign in that you can make refinements to ensure it provides maximum performance . We'll do this throughout the month and provide you with monthly reports.