Are NZ Google Ads Agencies Clipping the Ticket?

We've all heard of it and many of us have tried it - Google Ads!

New Zealand is literally swarming with new and developed digital marketing companies, many of whom offer Google Ads services. This typically involves the set up and management of Google Ads (also known as CPC or PPC marketing) campaigns.

There are thousands of small business owners in New Zealand who have identified Google Ads as a potentially effective form of marketing. If you're fortunate enough to have been blessed with marketing nous or a gift for fast learning, then PPC marketing might be something that you could give a go yourself. Who knows, it might just work for you.

The biggest issue around Google Ads management in New Zealand at the moment is the number of businesses offering and actively advertising it as a service. Whilst offering website marketing such as CPC is fair game, fulfilling it in a manner that, to the professional eye, is blatantly a means to 'clipping the ticket', is just not cricket.

Many New Zealand businesses unsuccessfully attempt to set up and run their own Google Ads campaign, only to see their monthly marketing budget quickly funnel into the deep pockets of Mr Google. If you haven't set up an Google Ads account before, you'll quickly find out that particular settings are often pre-set to favour Google's ever-growing bank balance (i.e. broad match type).

Businesses are approaching what they believe are experts in the Google Ads industry, only to see similar patterns developing. Reason? Some of these specialists are in fact ill-equipped themselves. Sadly and quite incredibly, they appear to be quite happy taking advantage of the innocent business owners that are just trying to get ahead in life.  

Ripple Effect Digital Marketing, which manages Google Ads campaigns for over 30 clients in New Zealand, recently came across a case of a business 'clipping the ticket', to the frustrations of a Tauranga commercial cleaning company. When we asked them what they'd received for their $150 + GST per month investment, we were astounded. This website marketing company, more widely known as a directory, failed to set up Google Analytics, which is an essential measuring and reporting tool that works in combination with Google Ads. When asked why they hadn't done this, they responded by saying that it wasn't something they'd normally do (are you serious?) and that it would cost $500 to set up software to do this. Software? All that's required is a simple Analytics tracking code to be added to the back end of the website being tracked. To make matters even more interesting, the cleaning company owner was sent the following report - the only document presented to them since they set up Google Ads 3 months ago.

Google Ads campaign management is all about traffic, conversions and measurement. If you want to ensure that your hard earned money provides a return on investment, get in touch with Ripple Effect, Tauranga's leading Google Google Ads specialist.

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