Importance of Having Dominant Online Visibility Post-Lockdown

Importance of Having Dominant Online Visibility Post-Lockdown

Feeling the pinch from COVID-19 lockdown? You’re not alone. New Zealand has endured a challenging five-week period – but we did it! Now, as we move into a less restrictive level three, it’s time to give your business maximum exposure and adapt to a post-lockdown world.

Let's face it, less people will be spending money over the coming weeks and months due to incomes being savaged by the lockdown. Consequently, less people will be looking for businesses like yours online. That makes it even more critical that you are front-of-mind and top of Google, to ensure you get the first bite of the cherry for the reduced number of online searches.

Why is digital marketing so valuable right now?

Despite moving into an increasingly digital world for decades, digital marketing is more important than ever before. Here’s why:

You’ve been quiet for a month – if you closed the doors during lockdown, you need to make up for lost time and money and get your brand back into the forefront of your customers’ minds.

People aren’t on the streets – without the foot traffic that most city centres and shopping malls are used to, digital marketing is far more effective than physical signage.

There’s Covid fatigue – people are tired of this virus! Give them some fun, entertaining or thoughtful content to escape into.

People want to connect – starved of physical contact, we need to turn to digital methods to connect with one another.

Consumer confidence is down – reduced spending means you need to work that much harder to stand out amongst your competitors.

The value of investing in SEO and Google Ads

You’re not the only one upping your digital presence, so implementing a robust strategy that includes SEO and Google Ads is key. Luckily, Ripple Effect has been doing this longer than anyone else in Tauranga and knows how to get your name seen on Google.

SEO – without SEO (search engine optimsation), your website won’t show up early on an organic Google search and your customers will get snapped up by the competition.

Google Ads – have you noticed that the first few results on a Google search are ads? Google Ads go hand-in-hand with SEO to give you the first bite at the cherry and beat your competitors to the chase. It’s one of the most effective forms of online marketing.

Remember to adapt and adjust

You may have had to modify your business in order to open up in level three. If so, let us know! Including new keywords like “free delivery” and “contactless” will help meet your customer’s changing demands in the coming days.

Ready to regain dominance in Google search results and drive website traffic and enquiries?

To get your business back up and running, talk to the SEO, Google Ads, copywriting and web design gurus at Ripple Effect today.

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